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13 views | Rating: 0.00 | Duration: 25:53 | 0 likes Here in Craig Harris’ Forex Training Craig shows you how he makes minimum 40 pips a day in his trade room using the simple Natural Flow System strategies. Trading with Craig has proven to be the way to go in your Forex Trading education, reducing the learning curve needed to become a Professional Forex Trader.

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Forex Trading For Beginners – Full Time Professional Trader Course


In this chapter I will explain the process taking place prior triggering a position. Let me explain it a little bit further: the job of a trader is similar to that of a detective. Before jumping into action, meaning
entering a trade in the case of a trader or arresting a suspect in the case of a detective, there is a long job of investigation, sniffing around, considering different hypothesis, analyzing evidences, etc. Just as a detective doesn’t quite get out there to arrest the first folk walking by, a trader doesn’t quite pull out a chart and enters a position right away. Like I said before, there are plenty of things to do before that and that’s exactly what I will explain on this chapter.


So, this is a trend-following system, right?
Nice, nice, but… how exactly do we determine whether we are in a trending market or not?
Well, some people use trendlines, some others rely on Bollinger Bands, some others look at the ADX indicator, etc. Every trader has his bullets. I personally use what I call the Three Simple Moving
Average Trend Filter , which sounds very grandiloquent but in all fairness it’s pretty simple: grab a plain chart devoid of any indicator, trendline or anything else and plot three moving averages: the 30 simple moving average of the close (SMA hereafter), the 50 SMA and the 100 SMA. That’s all I use to
determine trends.

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Die Geschichte von Kay Brendel dem Forextrader hat eine zeitlang für Aufsehen in der Traderszene gesorgt. Aus 1000 Euro wollte er innerhalb eines Jahres eine Million machen. Können solche Gewinne tatsächlich möglich sein und wenn ja, unter welchen Voraussetzungen? Trading-Anfänger sollten sich von solchen Zahlen nicht in die Irre leiten lassen und sich lieber an realistischen Zielen orientieren, die durch ein konsequentes Risiko- und Money-Management ein dauerhaftes Bestehen an den Märkten ermöglichen.

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