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In the currency markets, having the right strategies applied at the right time is essential. You must have trading forex strategies for both the short term and long term scenarios. This means that the Expert Advisor you are using must also be capable of implementing said strategies. This article will be examining the short term strategy of the FAP Turbo forex robot.

Using a short term trading strategy is ideal when the market trends at the moment are favorable. This requires quick action to make the most out of the favorable conditions.

The short term strategy of the FAP Turbo is usually referred to as its scalping techniques. This involves high frequency trading of small accounts which will result in smaller than usual gains. The gains may be smaller but with more frequent activity, can multiply, and when compounded they will result in significant amounts. Traders who have used this strategy have reported that it can multiply their trading account fast.

Along with its scalping techniques, this MetaTrader robot comes with a built-in protection. Some robots have no such protection that they result in burning out the account of the trader. With the FAP Turbo, you have a small stop loss as a safe filter parameter. This is to ensure that when the favorable market trend changes, the profits you made with scalping will not be wiped out.

With this robot, you also have the added advantage of being able to trade in five currency pairs. These currency pairs are the EUR-USD, EUR-CHF, EUR-GBP, GBP-CHF, and the USD-CAD. With this robot you can trade simultaneously in these currency pairs using the scalping strategy.

To summarize, this robot can be used for short term strategies, with up to five different currencies simultaneously, and has built in parameters that will protect your gains from being wiped out if the favorable market conditions suddenly reverses. If you want to know if the short term trading strategy can also be used if you are into option trading, it is indeed possible. However, the gains here will not be as high. Currency options are better suited to medium and longer term strategies.

Forex robots are popular, and to be sure the sales hype is very enticing, but there is a key point that overlooked and there are some vital fact you need to know.

Facts About Forex Robot Trading

Forex robots are without doubt a very important development in Forex trading. However there are some important facts that you should understand about trading with a Forex robot.

First off the robots are trading your money.

I know this may sound like a stupidly obvious statement but the fact is that no matter what method you choose to trade the Forex markets you will still be risking your own hard earned cash. This means that you need to know if your are ready to go to the market and risk real money, money that hopefully you can afford to lose.

With That Out Of The Way…

The fact is that emotions play a huge role in trading, fear and greed are an every day reality when it comes to trading and they can wreck havoc on your trading results by forcing you to make moves that are contrary to a sound trading plan.

Knowing This Truth…

The truth is that trading robots, also known as Expert Advisor software, can help substantially reduce emotional trading. They do so by removing the need to have your nose glued to a computer screen during active trading times. This removes the emotional stimulus that comes from watching every toss and turn and market hiccup.

The Truth About Expert Advisor Software (aka Trading Robots)

The fact is that every piece of Expert Advisor software was developed by humans. And humans are not perfect and neither will their products ever be as well. This means that if you are expecting a piece of software to “never lose,” then you are in for a rude awakening.

How It Works In The Real World…

The fact is that every trading robot wins some and loses some, it is just that some are better at it than others. And at the end of the day, it is really about winning more money than you lost, that is the real world trading actually works.

And it should be understood that each piece of software is optimized a bit differently, so that each one responds differently to each type of market, say a bullish market, or even to a particular currency pair.

What You Really Need To Know About Forex Robots…

Evaluating Forex trading systems is the very first thing you need to do before you buy a Forex robot. Although there has been much written on the subject, most of it seems to be the derivative work of a trader named Tony Hosea. I studied his work and found him to be spot on when it comes to systems evaluation. Here are a few time-tested tips that will help you select the Forex system that’s right for you.

How much money does it take to realistically trade the system — Without knowing this you are really just flying in the dark. No serious trader would ever trade a system without knowing the amount of capital needed to successfully trade it. For instance, a system designed to trade a standard contract of each of six currency pairs would not be suited for a $2000 account.

Has the system been thoroughly tested — It never ceases to amaze me how many people run out and buy the first robot they see after looking at one or two months of trading results. This is a bad idea and let me explain to you why. If the market was moving up during those two months the system may have a bias toward taking trades on the buy side. This means that when the market does start to sell off you could possibly get your head handed to you and that’s just not good. The general rule of trading system track records is the more data you have the better you can evaluate the system.

Does the system have proper risk control — Believe it or not many robots have horrible risk control. One reason for this is that vendors are way too busy trying to impress potential customers with a high percentage of winning trades, rather than creating something which will help customers profit in the long run. I’ve seen systems that risk 30 pips for everyone pip of profit. These type of systems are obviously designed for much braver man than me. I wouldn’t touch a trading system like that with somebody else’s 10 foot pole!

Is the system is one you can adhere to — Not all systems are compatible with your personality type. While many systems look great on paper and may actually be great in real life, they can be very difficult to trade. There are systems designed to take huge risks, but some of these also come with huge rewards. As long as these are balanced properly such a system can be extremely profitable.

Automatic forex trading software is quietly becoming the norm amongst traders. This is because it allows you the trader to trade more effectively because of a few key advantages which it holds over running a manual campaign.

Automatic forex trading software allows you to do just that: trade automatically. This is a major advantage when you learn the sophistication and depth at which these programs allow you to do that. It’s no secret that the forex market keeps long hours, and, save for a few hours over the weekend, never closes. It just makes sense that if you want to truly be successful, you’ve got to know what’s going on within all aspects of the market around the clock.

While this can be largely impossible for most traders, automatic forex trading software keeps a constant watch over the market. It recognizes good and bad changes within the market with your campaign in mind and trades on your behalf when advantageous. For example, the market changes quickly in an area which you are invested in, and you stand to begin losing money. At the earliest indication of this change, your automatic forex trading software quickly trades away or back your investment, thus maximizing your profits, but just as importantly, minimizing your losses. More and more traders are leaving their campaigns in the more than capable hands of their auto traders this way every day.

Arguably the greatest asset which automatic forex trading software offers comes in the form of tip indicators. These are basically complex mathematical algorithms designed to take the information from analyzing the market and use it to predict exactly where the market will go next to afford you the opportunity to trade early and accurately. Because these programs rely on cold calculations, they completely eliminate any possibility for error, human or otherwise.

Their algorithms are tested within real campaigns for months and sometimes even years before they are ever made available to traders to ensure that their predictions are as accurate and spot on as the market itself. Even after the automatic forex trading software is released and purchased, the best publishers still continue to provide constant and free updates to their customers to keep the software and its tips fresh and up to date. Many traders who know of this swear by the tips which they receive from their software as if you want the most accurate information affecting your trades, there is no substitute for automatic forex trading software. This is where the majority of your money will be made.

In looking at Forex trading software, you need to look at it with a sense of reality. Many people like to play the lottery or gamble in a casino because of the excitement involved with the potential winnings, which are very lucrative indeed. Others prefer to play with stocks and currency for that same level of excitement, and if done correctly, can have an even greater level of financial reward.

The common denominator for all these people is that they want to find a system that allows them to get the excitement and rewards, but will eliminate the risk. What you need to know that is that there is no software or system in any of these industries that provides “all reward with zero risk”. It just does not exist today, nor will it ever.

The key to Forex trading is to realize and accept the fact that you will on occasion have losing trades. This is inevitable and there is not a Forex trader on the planet who does not have a losing trade every now and then. But you need to season yourself, which comes with experience, to not emotionally attach yourself to a particular trade transaction you have made. Many Forex traders who trade manually cannot escape the fact that human emotions come into play and can bias your view of the facts and the data you have available to make your trade decisions from.

This is why the vast majority of successful Forex traders use Forex software to help them make their trade decisions. This software can examine all the applicable data relating to a potential trade without any emotion at all, just based on the facts. There may be some assumptions, certain levels of unpredictability, and some uncertainties, but there is no emotion involved that will cause the software to overlook other more pertinent factors about that potential trade transaction.

The fundamental key in using Forex software to its fullest potential is to utilize the stop loss functionality that should be built into the system. This is a value that you provide to the software based on your own personal feeling of how much risk you are willing to take with a given trade. What happens is that you indicate that when the value of a trade gets to a defined point, the software should issue a sell transaction. You are saying that even though you realize that the trade could go the other way, you want to sell it and get out of the trade when this level is reached, just in case it goes the other way and lessens the value of the trade even more.

In other words, this will allow you to minimize your loss without losing your shirt. In the same way, many of the Forex software packages also have the reverse functionality, where you can indicate you want to sell when the currency reaches a certain value, and at that point you can lock in your profits. Yes, the currency could continue to increase and you could make even more, but at this defined point, you have a profit and do not want to risk losing that profit, even if it could be more.

Use Forex software, and even take a look at some of the automated Forex software offerings so that you have more time to do the things that software cannot do, but at the same time, allow the software to do the task for which it was designed, which is to help you be as profitable as possible in your Forex trading.

Forex Trading Is About Probabilities

Trading the forex market is about a game of probabilities. To some, it is a high powered game, risky and dangerous. To them, the bigger the risk, the bigger will be the profits. In some cases, the traders who are involved in this game are carried away by the emotions, and move into extremes, taking risky trades, gambling away their capital and fortune.

To the trained and successful traders, forex trading is about getting an edge in your trading, a favorable bias, identifying that trading action which is more likely to happen than not in your trade.

The FAP Turbo Core Trading Engine

That is why in programming the FAP Turbo trading software, Mack Michaels has included this important truth into the core trading engine. While Mack Michaels has used the Fibonacci principles as a main thrust of the FAP Turbo trading system, whatever trading system you use, be it patterns breakouts, oscillator signals, time and price trading, candlesticks and even neural networks and forecasting, you are essentially depending on gaining a positive bias to be more accurate. By recognizing the positive bias, you are able to identify the high probability trades, enter them correctly, and protect yourself against sudden retracements or pullbacks, and allow your profits to increase.

You Must Know This Truth About FAP Turbo

The FAP Turbo does not wait to find the perfect trading setup. So, do not waste time expecting FAP Turbo to generate you the trade that can make the largest profit such as in a perfect trading setup every time. In fact, there is no necessity to do so if your aim is to make money in the forex market. Rather, FAP Turbo applies itself diligently to enter the market when there is a positive bias- when there is a good signal that the currency has gone negative or positive already, and in an established trend, even if it is for a short period of time – and allows you to reap the profits quickly. In this way, there are numerous trades a day, each trade being identified by the FAP Turbo software which has been designed to allow you to draw small profits repeatedly like clockwork from the numerous trades a day. In like manner, it protects your trading capital as the risk management algorithms will kick in to get you out of a losing trade, and that is done on autopilot as well. This is the truth you must know about FAP Turbo – It gives you repeated small profits consistently and this profit accumulates as you enter and exit a trade often, creating an endless stream of smaller profits that build up into a torrent as time goes by.

Drawback in FAP Turbo

The only drawback is that you need to put a high level of confidence in this auto pilot robot trading software – to surrender control of your human decisions and not to fall prey to your emotions, to override the trading signals generated by the core trading engine of the FAP Turbo.

Overcoming Drawback By Historical Testing

But that is not a difficult task, because from backtesting of historical trades you can find an extremely high win-loss ratio at 95% , so that for 100 trades that you make, 95 times you were profitable! And as we all know, trading is a probability game. If you were correct 51% of the time, you would have made a profit and not a loss!

Overcoming Drawback by Live and Forward Testing

Even better is that you can validate the FAP Turbo trading system by live testing. Live testing is part of the validating of the trading system with forward or future data as they come. This is important because a trading system can be accurate on hindsight by curve fitting the price charts using historical data, but falls apart when tested with live and forward data. In this case, FAP Turbo even outperforms the backtests because from the study shown, FAP Turbo was twice as profitable in live testing. It is that good!

Overcoming Drawback by Trade Simulation

With FAP Turbo, you have the probabilities with you to be on the correct side of the trade. What is important is to gain a level of familiarity and a high level of confidence in actually following the signals and to trade them. This you must do in practice and in simulated trading to gain that experience in executing your trades. You can gain experience by using FAP Turbo in simulated trading and learn how to trust the forex robot and take the trades mechanically as they are generated.

Once you have done so, you are well on your way to become a successful forex trader with FAP Turbo forex.

Choosing a binary options trading system that will work best for you is similar to actual binary options trading in that you have to exercise an eye for detail, a scrutinizing mind, and good judgment. Trading in binary options is inherently risky, but with the possibility of return of a hundred percent or even greater on your initial investment, it would be difficult to ignore such a potentially lucrative opportunity. An effective automated system can streamline all the tasks involved in such trading, thus affording you a considerable edge over other investors and allowing you to make more money than is otherwise possible.

Each binary options trading system made available today has automatic trading as its most prominent feature. An effective system will do all the online trading work for you, even if your computer is nowhere nearby. According to observers, the automation’s most important attribute is the elimination of human emotion-often cited as one of the major obstacles to investing wisely-from the decision-making process. This is especially true in the case of income shortfalls wherein inexperienced investors, having become distraught with their losses, resort to mere guesswork in a hasty yet futile effort to get themselves “out of the red.” Guesswork could result in greater losses whereas informed decisions have a greater chance of earning profit, especially if such decisions are made all the time.

So how then does one choose a winning binary options trading system among a wide selection offering different features and services? Although there is no single system that can be hailed as the best, observers have identified the most important criteria in selecting a system with the potential of making binary options trading more efficient and therefore more profitable. It will depend entirely on the system’s effectiveness in satisfying the user’s needs.

Although a system will afford you tighter control over your trading, it has to have at least a fair degree of user-friendliness. If a system is supposed to make the act of trading easier, any difficulty in using the system, particularly in browsing through and utilizing the included functions, will offset the efficiency expected by clients. If you want to engage in foreign currency trading, make sure the system you will use can support many pairs of currency denominations (e.g., US Dollar-Euro, US Dollar-UK Pound).

Security is always a major concern because you’re essentially entrusting your money to a system that does all the trading for you. A system of 128-bit or higher SSL encryption is often regarded as having the necessary security features.

In trading binary options, even a single penny can mean a lot. If you’re faced with an “out of the money” option, an effective trading system is one that will guarantee you even a little payback to help cut your losses.

Lastly, the binary options trading system that will work best for you is the one whose minimum deposit amount falls within your current financial capacity. Such a feature is especially beneficial for beginning investors who cannot yet afford to part with substantial amounts of their hard-earned savings. Most trading systems require a minimum deposit of $100 though it can go as low as $50 for a few others.

Forex trading can be learned by anyone, yet 95% lose all their money so what makes forex trading so hard? It’s not learning the right information – it’s doing so and executing it with the right mindset.

Let’s look at the traits of the really successful traders and what you can learn.

1. Acceptance of Responsibility

All successful traders rely on themselves and don’t believe anyone else can give it to them – so if you’re the type of guy who wants to try and follow a so called guru or buying an e-book and think you will win, then you’re going to lose.

If you accept responsibility and learn what you need to then this will give you the next vital character trait that you need to succeed.

2. Confidence

If you want to succeed, then you need to have to have confidence.

While this may sound obvious, many traders never acquire this trait. They follow gurus or mentors, and think that they can have confidence in them. However, this confidence soon evaporates when losses are encountered.

You won’t follow any method unless you have confidence and confidence is really a key to acquiring the next character trait:

3. Discipline. The key To Success

If you read any of the interviews with the world’s top traders, then you will find the word discipline mentioned all the time.

Discipline is vital to your forex trading success.

Lack of discipline is probably the major reason most forex traders fail to succeed.

You need to have the discipline to follow your method through losing periods, which will lead you to longer term success. Discipline is built on confidence, and without it you won’t succeed.

Keep in mind, that if you don’t have the discipline to follow your method, then you have no method at all!

If you have the above traits you will also be able to acquire to more which will lead you to currency trading success.

4. The Ability To Isolate Yourself

You must be able to rely only on yourself.

Don’t be tempted to discuss your trading with anyone, or give anyone else advice.

You will simply allow your emotions to get involved, and you need to keep them out of your trading to succeed.

5. Patience

Patience is a must in forex trading.

You need to not only have, the patience to wait for the right forex signals to come and not try and rush profits.

You must also have the patience to execute your trading system, through periods of inevitable losses.

The above 5 factors are key traits of all successful forex traders and give them the mindset to accept short term losses and stay disciplined to achieve overall currency trading success.

Confronting the Truth

The forex market forces you to confront truth.

Your opinion counts for nothing; the truth is the market price, no matter what you or anyone else thinks. The market is all powerful and always right and only you can be wrong.

This is why you have to create a framework or set of rules, that allows you to keep your emotions or weaknesses under control and allows you to deal with an unpredictable market and come out a winner.

This is why you cannot find market success through someone else. Traders need to find their own truth and work out how to confront the market – this is why you must do their own research and trust yourself.

If you cant do this and you believe all the people who tell you about how easy forex trading is you will lose your equity and lose it quickly.

The software analyzes the market situation within seconds and makes the decision to either buy or sell the desired currency with out any human intervention. Thus, you see that it is 99% more accurate than a person trading manually. Following the forex robot, advice will surely bring in quick money.

Installing a forex robot has become very important if you want to make quick money from this largest market. It is not possible to manually man the system all the time to keep up with the current happenings on the floor of the market. Today you will see that the market is flooded with a variety of forex robots that helps you to automatically trade in the foreign currency market. Here one is dealing with currencies from all over the world.

Currencies are traded in pairs and it is necessary to keep one self updated with all information to trade in the market. The new automatic software just makes the work simpler for the individual. All that one has to do is install it in the PC and forget it. The software now will do all the trading for you. The software is designed to trade in pairs. Today, you have many variant that offers to trade in all currencies. The Internet provides you with all kinds of information about the various forex robots.

Following the advice of people who have really tested out these software’s will help you choose the best forex robot for you to make some money. Good software will help you to make a neat and tidy sum without any problem. These fully automated software’s can be run even by a novice who is just trying his luck in the foreign exchange market for the very first time. It is designed to be helpful; to both beginners as well as professional.

Here we are going to look at the importance of currency research and how to implement in a trading plan for big gains over the long term.

Currency trading research falls in to specific categories – currency research before you trade, research for traders executing a vendors signals and research for traders who want confirmation for their own trading.

Getting the right currency research will have a big influence on your trading success, so let’s look at each area in more detail.

Currency Trading Research – Before you start

All traders need to know the basics, you wouldn’t try to drive a car without lessons, and neither should you try to trade currencies without a bit of study.

There are plenty of good books on trading and here we are going to give you some books that you may like to consider.

Good books to read include any by Larry Williams, Jake Bernstein and Ken Roberts while not specific to currency trading their easy to read and digest and give you an idea of what trading is all about.

You also need to read some good books on trading psychology and there is no better place to start than Jack Shwagers Market Wizards and New Market Wizards that complies some stories of some of the great traders of all time including: Ed sekoyta, Richard Dennis and the famous turtletraders. These books are essential reading for any trader.

Other good books on psychology include ones by Alexander Elder and Dr Van Tharpe

And the classic reminiscences of a stock operator by Edwin Le feuvre

Good overall reference books to have are fundamental market analysis and technical both again by Jack Shwager.

Currency Trading Research – Following Mechanical Signals

Many traders like to follow currency research in the form of newsletters and currency trading systems from vendors and then act upon the signals they provide.

If you are doing this make sure you:

1. Have full confidence in the method they are using to generate the signals and know as much about the logic as you can.

2. You also should study trading history to see how successful trades have been and make sure you are happy with the risk reward.

3. Keep in mind if you are following signals or trades you need to follow them EXACTLY and this means having full confidence in the method used.

Currency Trading Research – To help you with Entry and Exit Levels

If you don’t want to follow someone else and you wish to make your own trades then there is plenty of currency trading research services on the net.

There are services that you can pay for, but much of it is available free and in many instances, this information is the best.

Many of the larger brokers and banks have great research and cover both technical and fundamental factors affecting currency movements.

Do a search, and you will be able to find good daily, weekly and monthly currency research reports.

A Word of Warning on Currency Trading Research!

The amount of currency trading research on the net is vast and many traders feel that the more research they have the better and try to use 5, 10 or even more different services to help them with their trading.

The result? – They end up with to much information, much of it conflicting and get confused and unsure what to do.

The best way to use currency trading research if you are trading for yourself is follow a few services only, that reflect your trading style and use them as a filter for your own trades.

Currency Research – Helping to Make your Trading Profitable

If you are simply following signals or trades of someone else, you need to spend time doing your homework, so you have full confidence to execute trades with discipline.

Research is needed regardless of whether the method is totally mechanical or reasons are given for the trades.

To get the most from this type of research you need to follow ALL the trades, not just a few! Otherwise, you may miss the best opportunities and your track record will not reflect that of the service, which you bought.

The real problem for trader’s who want currency research to just help them confirm their own trading material, is the sheer volume of research available.

You need to be SELECTIVE and just have a couple – too many will confuse you and give you conflicting information.

As stated there is no need to pay, many banks and brokers offer great research and it’s totally free and in many instances better than the paid for services.