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FOREX TRADING: To See How a Professional Trades Daily check out

FOREX TRADING: Looking over a professional FOREX TRADER’S shoulders is one of the easiest ways to learn and/or gain support in your own trading. In this week’s video I walk you through a trading setup using multiple timeframe analysis as well as share a VERY important recording on WHY we started the SYNDICATE program what you should expect when it comes to your trading returns throughout the year.
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2:30 – Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes
14:45 – Why we started the Syndicate & having the correct performance expectations
26:40 – Follow A Pro Trader through my weekly blog post

Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analyst at Trade Empowered
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Any Binary Options based upon Forex can benefit from HyperScalper’s precision Analytics. Here we discuss Nadex 5 minute Binary Options platform and concepts. Nadex offers many more “professional” features than simple Binaries.

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Trading during difficult conditions, we show a PUT which just barely was a winner. HyperScalper Trend and Event indicators are also discussed throughout.

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jemianklesaria Forex Webinar Trading Forex! (enjoy my Friends)

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– I describe every situation in detail, explaining what I see on almost every candle and why I do what I do
– I do not move forward fast so I don’t miss any trade
– I trade the full lots every time and trail my SL technically unless there is valid support/resistance or supply/demand in the middle
– I do not take any partial profits unless price is not doing what I expected or I am at too high/low or a nice support/resistance is holding price from progressing further. Then I will close part of the trade

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In collegamento con Filippo Diodovich, strategist di IG parleremo di:

– L’accordo tra Grecia e creditori, se tutto andrà bene, farà passare la questione greca in secondo piano e il mercato tornerà a guardare ai fondamentali dell’economia e alle posizioni delle banche centrali. E il dollaro ricomincerà a regnare. Numerosi appuntamenti tra mercoledì e giovedì: Beige Book, audizione del presidente Fed Janet Yellen e Banca centrale europea giovedì.

– Storico accordo sul nucleare iraniano. Il prezzo del petrolio scende in attesa dell’arrivo sul mercato della produzione iraniana dopo l’abolizione delle sanzioni. Quanto ci vorrà per riattivare la produzione e che effetto ci sarà sulle valute legate al petrolio? Hanno già scontato l’accordo?

I trader Filippo Cossetti e Luca Discacciati faranno il punto della situazione su:

EurUsd – Euro/Dollaro Usa

e daranno le loro idee operative su:

UsdJpy – Dollaro Usa/Yen
UsdCad – Dollaro Usa/Dollaro canadese
UsdGbp – Dollaro Usa/Sterlina

Per la sezione Forex per chi inizia Alberto Bettineschi proporrà un approfondimento su come si tracciano le linee di supporto e resistenza.

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