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FOREX TRADING: To See How a Professional Trades Daily check out

FOREX TRADING: Looking over a professional FOREX TRADER’S shoulders is one of the easiest ways to learn and/or gain support in your own trading. In this week’s video I walk you through a trading setup using multiple timeframe analysis as well as share a VERY important recording on WHY we started the SYNDICATE program what you should expect when it comes to your trading returns throughout the year.
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2:30 – Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes
14:45 – Why we started the Syndicate & having the correct performance expectations
26:40 – Follow A Pro Trader through my weekly blog post

Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analyst at Trade Empowered
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FOREX TRADING: BIG video this week featuring a walkthrough of a trade that reminded me of the BREAKTHROUGH trade that changed my career forever. In this video I discuss the RULE OF 3’s and how we can relate that to our trading. Along with a brief discussion in money management going over what I believe is important and what I believe isn’t. That and a lot more in this week’s WEEKEND REVIEW video. For a deeper look at the RULE OF 3’s please check out the recording of the 4 day FREE training seminar called “Turning Point” that Jason Stapleton & myself hosted back in May.

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I wasn’t able to get you a Weekend Review video yesterday because I was under the weather, so i want to invite you to join me Live once again for 20 minutes or so in my Live Forex Trading Room as we break down the charts!!!

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FOREX TRADING: A look at a pure price action trade on USDCAD. A discussion on how to effectively take advantage of your trading strategy. And a look at equity curves and how to really achieve those new highs. The Syndicate Program:

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Confidence and conviction in trading are absolutely critical to success but can easily dwindle.

Having trading confidence can lead to much more conviction with not only taking trades but also holding them when we know we should. Not having enough of it and we either don’t want to take a trade or if we do, all we can think about is getting back out again.

So we need to constantly work on our confidence levels keeping them at a level which is fruitful to success. In this week’s video, I go through my own technique of gaining confidence to take a trade, and how the process can help create a more decisive and logical trader.

You too can also benefit from following a similar process and giving yourself that much needed injection of confidence which enable you to do the all important thing of pressing the button and entering a trade and seeing it through to it’s conclusion.

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A short presentation breaking down the pro’s and con’s of life as a trader to help assist viewers considering a career in trading, in making an informed decision.

In the video I discuss the 5 worst and 5 best parts of being a trader based on my own journey of going from novice part time trader to full time professional.

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This week’s FX TRADING video provides a simple solution to dealing with the problem of early profit taking. Also and update on Starbucks & Gold, providing examples of how the SKILL of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS is useful no matter what market you focus on.

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